January 12, 2009

My Sunshine

Saylor turned 10 yesterday!!! I would have put a post up then, but that would have been weird to be staring at my computer screen, rather than spending his day with *him*. Plus, we were busy all day long, so there's another good reason for ya!

The day started with breakfast in bed, then some Zelda on the Wii. Grandma arrived with a big Happy Birthday banner and some fun goodies, like exploding confetti tubes and a balloon twisty kit. We let the confetti loose in the bus, so it was quite the festive place! :)

Next, was a bit of climbing at Rocksport, followed by dinner out (chinese). Then, we stopped at a park and threw around the X-zylo and played on the equipment until dusk. Saylor requested strawberry shortcake, and since our oven is acting up, we swung by Raley's to pick up the goods, along with a couple movies from the Redbox...Saylor's choice, of course. So, we came home, had some delish dessert and then watched Sweeney Todd. He had also chosen Surfer, Dude -- but, we were only able to get a short way into it, before we all decided it was STUPID!!! Saylor was happy to have Grandma spend the day with us, too.

For gifts, he and John went to REI and chose a pair of climbing shoes (Mad Monkey's), a chalk bag and some chalk. We picked up a Rocksport t-shirt for him; and he received some cash. He's still waiting to decide what to do with that.

It was a wonderful day, spent with my wonderful son. I'm the luckiest mama around to have that fine boy in my life!


Alex Polikowsky said...

Happy Birthday Sailor!!!!!!!!!!

Sue and Maddie share this identity said...

Happy birthday, Saylor!
Wish we could have celebrated with you but it sounds like you had great fun!
Sue Steve Maddie n Harry

Valerie said...


Chenoa had to say

Looks like you had a BLAST!!

We miss you guys!

=)Valerie & Chenoa

Heather's Moving Castle said...

I can't believe he is 10!! My how time flies! And he is so smooth with a machete for being so young. LOL. (Inside joke)

Thanks for the comment on my blog. I commented back, BTW. I had been meaning to write you here.

Hope to see you in May at Life is Good, if you are that way then.

Heather Brown