February 6, 2007

Running Through the Sprinkler!

It was a gorgeous day here on Sunday, actually, it's been in the mid 8o's for the past several days. So, on Sunday, we ran through the sprinkler! It was fun, and Stone was the wettest of us all. I've got some nudey pics of Sage, but didn't think they were prudent to publish for the world to see! I'm sure he'll thank me for that someday, too!

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Sue and Steve said...

Love that weather!
Hey, where did you find Amy Steinberg? I clicked on your link in the Dec blog entry and I *loved* that song! I stopped listening to pop music aeons ago because the stories they told weren't ones I wanted to tell myself anymore, but I'm delighted to realize there are self-aware, mindful songwriters out there to remind me to be present and embrace what is!