February 14, 2007

Wild Animals and Valentines

Just a quickie of a post about our last couple of days. We went to the Wild Animal Park with Sue, Steve and kids on Tuesday. Spent a good part of the day there, and saw everything there was to see and more! The weather was perfectly cool, so the animals were out and playing and happy. The humans did well, too! Each of our boys got a little treasure from the gift shop (uggh, as much as I don't like gift shops, but as a non-profit, I can hope our money went to something worthwhile!) I have pictures of the day, but they are on the camera, and the camera is on the dashboard of the Suburban and the Suburban is parked in John's work yard...you get the picture! I'll post some soon!

And for today, Valentine's Day, I put together a little scavenger hunt for the boys. They discovered all of their little goodies; some candy, some chocolate, some little toysie kinds of things. John even had a special Buddha waiting for him at the final destination. He loves it, and so do I. He's perched Wisely upon our little altar (aka: dashboard) with the special rock Rebecca gave me when we headed West and a candle holder my sister gave me a few years back that says 'believe, dream, celebrate'. John's been reading _What Would Buddha Do_ (thanks Sue!) so when I came across this little charm, I knew it was meant to be his.

We also went to the library today and loaded up with a back-breakingly heavy bag of books and some DVD's. We had a few things around here we needed to donate, so we dropped those off to the local thrift store and found some great things while we were there, too! Of course! I picked up two books I've been wanting, actually on my list and everything! _Wherever You Go, There You Are_ by Jon Kabat Zinn and _Blessings_ by Anna Quindlen. Saylor found a lone ski pole that he thought would be the perfect hiking stick, and Stone found a little character from Brother Bear. John scored the biggest, though! While he was out unloading our stuff, someone was there ready to unload a rack that hooks onto the hitch for the back of a vehicle. He's always wanted one of those! The guy said, "Do you want this", John say, "Ah, Yeah!" and so it was.

Hope you all had a lovely, loving Valentine's Day!
(if you are a Nacho Libre fan, as we are, you'll get the significance of the upper/lower case hugs and kisses! heheheh! We **heart**jack black!)

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kelli said...

***(if you are a Nacho Libre fan, as we are, you'll get the significance of the upper/lower case hugs and kisses! heheheh! We **heart**jack black!)***

hehe, we do too. We just watched that again. Love it. :)

We also love the "stretchy pant" scene. *g*