February 7, 2007

Such Extraordinary Friends

That's what I always tell people...that my friends are so far from ordinary! They're wonderful, loving, compassionate, wise and generous. We are Blessed and Grateful everyday!

Today, Saylor received the "MOST COOLEST EVER" package from his best buddy back in Rapid City! Well, really, they are all of our best buddies. There's the mama, whom I love dearly, and then there's the 3 boys, whom we all love dearly!

Thank you Kendra, Cole, Zachary, and Luke (and Dic!) for the funnest package ever! There were beautiful pictures colored by each of the boys for each of our boys, handcrafted necklaces, a special nature book for Stone, a shirt for Sage, a sweet hand-made-by-my-special-friend mini notebook for me, a Flat Stanley book, lots of beautiful pictures of them all, some ponderosa pine seeds to plant...and finally, since it was intended as Saylor's birthday package, a rockin' hot shirt and a fun tv/dvd Over the Hedge game that we've already played and love!

Here are a few pictures of all of the fun stuff. Saylor has on his new shirt that Cole picked out for him (excellent choice, Cole!) and you'll notice Sage's necklace made by Luke, and Stone is holding his beloved book which he's enjoying very much, as well as the special card that Zach made for him.

The package itself was almost too precious to open! It was *PLASTERED* front, back and sides with all sorts of pictures of them. We're going to hang it on the wall for a while! What a wonderful idea!

Thank you dear friends! You made us all smile today and brought a whole lot of loving friend energy into our groovy little bus! Ahhh, happy hearts and good friends, the best things in life!

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Anonymous said...

Karen, and boys, I check your Blog every morning--first thing I do for the day. And there was the package we sent. I'm soo glad you got it and that you liked it. It made me miss you even more to read your sweet words. We love you all--as was stated, I think, about 25 times throughout the package. I thought about sending some of my farm-fresh eggs, bet you haven't had any of those for awhile, huh?
Can't wait to show the big boys the pictures. Luke talks about how he made Sage a special necklace all by himself! Kisses, Kendra & clan