February 1, 2007

Pretty Day

It was a pretty day here, though it was a little overcast and cool. I guess I thought it was pretty, because everything flowed well, people were happy, stuff got accomplished and all that good jazz.

I woke up to Max's tail thump thumping, his cue that he's ready to go outside and whiz. So...after I realized John wasn't budging, I got up and let him out. Then, had a cup of coffee, checked e-mail then Sage awoke. He and I went for a walk around the campground, the WHOLE campground, and he walked the entire time. We visited with Nile and Linda, our camp hosts, saw a cat which was quite nervous because of Max so went up a tree. Sage thought that was pretty great!

Then, back at the bus for another cup-o-joe. Stone was awake, and John joined me for a cup and we had a few minutes to chat. Saylor slept way in today, until 11:00! Wowzer...although, it was 12:45 last night when we were brushing and prepping for bed...YIKES!

I made big deli looking beautiful sandwiches for lunch, then Sage, Stone and I loaded up all of our bedding and went to wash it. While it washed, they watched a Dr. Seuss video in the car, and I read Free At Last, a book about the Sudbury Valley School in Framingham, Mass. I'm not reading it in its entirety, just choosing the chapters that interest me. Very cool, though. And while our bedding dried, we slid on over to a little mexican bakery that's nearby the laundromat and got some yummy pastries to nibble on. Stone commented on how everyone in there "speaks Spanish because they don't know how to speak English". Weeelll, I say, that's not necessarily true because the lady that helped us spoke English just fine. So then he deducts that they speak Spanish to each other and people who know how to speak it and then speak English to those of us who can't speak Spanish. Yep, that's about how it goes!

When we got back to the bus, Stone and I played some tennis. Sage was outside with us, but he was playing with us and playing with his own big blue ball. John came out with cups of hot chocolate for everyone and then I snuck off for a shower. Nice, long hot shower. Oh so nice!

Then, (are you bored yet?!?) we watched the Illusionist, had left over spaghetti and John left for work. There, I wrapped it up all nice and neat for you! Heather is coming over tonight to watch Grey's Anatomy (she was here last night to watch last weeks DVR'd episode). We're planning on spending Friday with Sue and her gang.

And, that's it for now! Adios!

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