February 26, 2007

Sunday with Friends

We had the Sue and Steve gang over today, in hopes we could drop the "hand-made by Steve" canoe into the lake. The weather was un-cooperative, waaay too windy, white caps, actually! So, we just ran around on the beach for a while, just long enough for everyone (except Saylor) to get wet up to their waists/shoulders! And, yes, it was chilly and windy! Kids, I tell ya! :) Didn't phase them a bit. Even when asked if they were cold, it was always a cheerful "No!" Until they really were cold, then they were guided back to the warm cars to change into dry clothes. There was a couple there with their kayaks and the gentlemen offered his kayak to Steve for a quick run out onto the lake, and he jumped at it! He' s water lover, and has made several vessels himself, including a sailboat. Cool guy!

We came back to the bus where the kids ran around outside and played some, and spent a little time watching cartoons back on the big bed, while the moms and dads kicked back and enjoyed some always wonderful conversation.

We headed in opposite directions to attend our UU service, us in Temecula, them in Riverside. Saylor and I were in the program for the Sunday, he lit the chalice and I read the opening words; a beautiful quote by MLK:

Darkness cannot drive out darkness
Only Light can do that...
Hate cannot drive out hate
Only Love can do that...

The entire service was about love and it was beautiful.

Then, we all met back here at the bus and visited for a couple more hours to finish out the day. It was nice and relaxing and I had to chuckle thinking of 9 bodies being in this little space, and everyone just fitting right in with no trouble! Very peaceful and relaxing...

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