May 1, 2007

For My Mom!

Because she was giving me *crap* about not posting here lately! So, this one's for you! :)

We had a lovely, long day at the park today, with many friends. Saylor caught a gardener snake and it already making plans to go back to look for more sometime soon. The kids ran and played hard all day! The weather was nice, quite windy, but warm and sunny. And of course, there was food galore. Mary brought some delish rice wraps, always a hit, and everyone else pulled out a contribution or two upon arriving. It's always a feast with The Mother's Collective! We all joked that it's sometimes the only time we really take to *nourish* ourselves, since we're usually busy doing for our kids. So, when we get together, it's like we're feeding each other...stomach & soul. Yep, it's that nice!

After our park day, we went out to Grandma's. Barb had plans to go out to color mom's hair, so mom called and asked us to come out, too. We had dinner together and got to spend time with our most precious little cousin, Emma. She and Sage were born 12 days apart and are such little buddies. It was so great to watch them together and sneak in as many hugs and kisses as I could manage!

On our way back home, John called and chatted with a few of us. Stone fell asleep and needed to be carried in and up to bed while Saylor entertained Sage for a spell with his new laser light. Now, everyone is sleeping, and I should be too! We're meeting some friends at the tennis courts tomorrow for some impromptu tennis playing time. Better get my beauty rest so I'm ready to chase balls!

Much love...

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Snavleys said...

Well, I'm not bugging you but add me to your list of people that want to see you blog more ;) I love seeing what you guys are up to. How are you adjusting to being home again?