May 17, 2007

Thursday, May 17

While my sweet little babe naps, I thought I'd jump on here quickly and write! It really is fun if I can only make it a priority!

We joined a couple of other homeschooling families today to celebrate Jen's 'slipping away' from her duties at BHHA! I've known Jen, and more specifically, her daughter Megan, since Megan was a precious little 5 year old, and I was teaching Kindergarten at Douglas Schools. She wasn't in my class (darn!), but she was right across the hall, so we smiled at each other in the hallways! :) After several years of being homeschooled, she's decided to move on and begin her freshman year in public school. She'll do great! She's such a beautiful girl, inside and out!

Saylor and Siri hit the skatepark after the homeschool gathering, Saylor in his roller blades and Siri on her rip stick. And of course, Saylor is now on a quest to spend more time with Siri, and her brother Jorgen, very soon! We will!!! :) Cuz it just so happens that that means *I* get to hang out with Melanie (mom to J & S) of the most inspiring people I know! (and an unschooler ;)

Sage fell asleep on the way home, Saylor's now relaxing with some cartoons and Stone is riding his scooter. Looks like a thunderstorm is considering whether or not it will make an appearance, I'm hoping it does. Nothing better than a late afternoon thunderstorm! (Well, I have a long list of "nothing better than's" so....?)

We went to a free concert at the Elk's Theater last night. Tangled Blue, as described by the Rapid City Journal, is a "caffeinated folk duo". Married couple, have traveled over 265,000 miles together in their VW Eurovan. They had a great stage presence, and really beautiful voices. (Stone thought they sounded better when they sang together, rather than alone.) She played the drums, hand drums and other cool percussion instruments, and he played a few different guitars. Upon arriving, and hearing a few of their songs, we (or rather, I) realized they are more a Christian-caffeinated-folk-rock duo. But, the message is universal...You are Love! God is Love! Peace on Earth! And anytime is a good time to listen to live music, FREE live music! :)

The boys lasted about an hour, then we headed home and watched a movie Stone chose at the video store, "Anaconda's". All about these enourmous anaconda's that go around eating people. But he wasn't scared! (or at least, not today when the sun is up, but last night, while trying to get ready for bed, he was stuck to me like glue on paper! funny boy!)

We met some friends at the park yeterday, people I hadn't really seen, let alone hung out with, since Saylor was a wee one! The kids all hit it off great, and it was fun to catch up with their mama's, as well! I think we'll see them again next Wednesday.

Well, I'm off to watch "The Prestige" now! Hope all of you wonderful souls are doing what makes you TICK! :)

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