May 18, 2007

Friday, May 18

Today, as in most of our Friday's, we had a very full day. The boys were with me at the Breadroot for a couple of hours, then I took them to Mary's, where they played until I was done volunteering. Then, of course we had to play a little longer once I arrived, leaving the Triple H's (Haakon, Henry, Holden) around 4:30. Plans were already in the works for a park visit later in the day, but I really needed to go home for a bit, to re-center and re-lax. It was only when we were home that Stone could be convinced to eat a little something, as he didn't eat anything really at Mary's. That's Stone! He just gets soooo very into his play, that he focuses only on *that*, and the eating thing gets pushed aside. (Another reason we had to land at home for a while. I knew he needed to eat, and that he'd do it only if we stopped for a moment.)

Sage and Stone had a glorious mud puddle going in our side yard, but Saylor was very determined to go the park, so he kept going over to his little brother's, trying to get them excited about going, too! Eventually, it worked! We headed to Sioux Park around 6:30 and it was a most beautiful time of day to be there! The temperature was still around 85, there was no wind, but with the sun hanging low, it was so peaceful and still. We hung out by the creek for a while and a few of the boys looked for snakes. Saylor roller bladed, Stone scootered, the babies threw rocks in the creek, and I peeled oranges for everyone to share.

We left as it was getting dark, around 8:45 in these parts, and headed to Armadillo's for some late night ice-cream, and more running around, roller blading and scootering! Where do these creatures get that never-ending energy supply? Finally rolled back in to home a bit before 10, with everyone saying they were tired, indeed! Teeth brushed, babe latched on, we called Daddy-O to wish him a good-night. Sage managed it, while still latched on! ;) The boys are starting to talk about going back out to California; that they are beginning to feel ready to go. They miss their Papa, and I know he really misses us. We're blessed to have such a rich life; that we love our home, our physical home, our community in the Black Hills; and we have our *home*, each other...and no matter where we are, that's exactly where we are...***Home***.

Tomorrow, we help Dale's Aunt Clara celebrate her Birthday. The boys are super excited to see their cousins from Murdo. Sunday, we'll do church. Maybe I can sneak away for a bit sometime this weekend, to re-charge my batteries, re-fill my cup, so I've got more to give. Although, I'll pat my own-self on the back! I think I'm doing pretty darn well meeting everyone's needs, keeping a calm head and heart in the midst of sometimes crazy explosions or minor meltdowns.

So, Life continues to be Full and Wonderful and Good! Hope you can say the same!


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