May 31, 2007

Soon Come

I've begun the first preparations for our trip back to Sacramento, which basically consists of starting my lists. We'll leave sometime between Sunday and Tuesday. How's that for planning? Basically, when the milk and eggs are gone, when the laundry is done (enough), and when all the stuff gets put into the car, then, we'll go.

We met Melanie and Siri (awe-inspiring unschoolers) at the pond today, to search for crawdads, in the rain! Saylor showed Siri the crawdaddy catching trick, and they were off and running! The kids had a good time, Melanie and I shared an enlightening conversation and nobody melted!

I went out for a couple hours tonight with Pam, my eternal ooo!!! (love you, baby!) We had a margarita and a bottomless salad at Minerva's, then she came with me to Target to get diapers, wipes and pull-ups for our trip West. Also had to pick up a Pretzelmaker pretzel for Stone, because he was asking about them today, and wondering when he could have one. (everyone got one)

Tomorrow, we hang out with Grandpa Mike. He's taking us to Cosmos, and maybe some other touristy thing, then we'll go to his place in Custer to grill some goods for dinner. Saturday, I think is open right now, so that'll be my day for doing some major stuff to get ready to go. Then? Who knows? Maybe Sunday at the crack of dawn, we'll slip on out of town?

I just found out about this very cool site and of course my interest is piqued! Who knows??? There's such a big, big world out there and the possibilities are truly endless... I love that about our life, that we are open to the possibilities...sure makes for a Rich and Joyful one!


the Wonder Boys said...

Hey Karen! I love your blogs and was inspired to start my own "thewonderboys". I look forward to reading your blog while you are in CA! Keep in touch!

diana-still-evolving said...

*Soon GO* :'(
We will miss you lots.
Hayden was just asking when we're going to Rapid to see you guys... looks like we're gonna shoot for Cali again! :)

Anonymous said...

Been thinkin 'boutcha, sistah! Hope that your trip is going safely. Brave woman...traveling cross country with The Wild Tribe!!!!! And LOVE what you said about me in the are MY eternal friend!
Love ya ta pieces!
Pammy K.