May 9, 2007

Busy, Busy

We've been so busy since we returned home, visiting friends and otherwise finding plenty to do. Last Friday I volunteered at our local food co-op and had a great time. A dear friend watched the boys, and with her 3 boys, had 6 boys to look after! Whew! Sage freaked out about the last 20 minutes, just as I was on my way home. I won't be staying as long next time! But, it was fun to be in a different environment and chatting with people who come and go. I love the feeling of community I get from being there, and from being home in general. A big part of me loves it too much to leave again, but then there's John who's all alone and bumming way out in Sacramento.
We've decided that one way or the other, we'll be back together again by mid June. Whether that means we go there or he comes home, we're not sure yet. It all depends on his work situation, but I'm really pulling for the latter. But, there I go again, forcing things and thinking "i know what's best for me" I guess Fate will take me where she sees fit! :)

After my 6 hour gig at the Breadroot (co-op), we came home and a friend dropped her 3 boys off here so she could get her husband to his surprise 40th b-day party she was throwing for him. So, now I had 6 to look after, and they all had a grand time together. We popped up some popcorn and ate about an entire bag of licorice while we waited for their Grands to come collect them and take them home for bed. Of course, they all thought it'd be cool to spend the night! :) I might need to recruit the other mama if we're to have 6 boys for an overnighter!

And then, on this very same Friday, our good good friends Diana and Hayden rolled in on their way back from Oregon. So, it was a beautiful friend filled day for us all!

We all went to the Cinco de Mayo festival that the Pennington County Democrats were sponsoring on Saturday. It was pouring rain, and after the boys nibbled some authentic Mexican grub, they headed outside where they were soaked to the core. Didn't stop them from requesting a trip to the mall, though! We headed there, browsed around and this and that and nothing, and played a while in the arcade. Sage was heading into his "i'm angry at you, so now I'm going to bite you" stage, so he and I headed for home and Diana brought the other 3 when they were all finished. We spent the evening talking and laughing and sipping wine and eating spaghetti and enjoying our time together.

Sunday morning, we all went to church, then out to a quick lunch and then they had to head back to Sioux Falls. It was fun and we get to do it again when they return out here for the May 27 Amy Steinberg show!

Damn, I love my life!


JenBin said...

You have been busy! Although, that doesn't surprise me... *grin*

Snavleys said...

Life is grand isn't it? We are exactly where we need to be :) And you are right, don't force it, it will happen just as it should.