May 16, 2007

Tuesday, May 16

We really are out here in this big world, even though I never get around to sharing our glorious lives on here as much as I'd like to. Everyone's sound asleep and I wanted to post a few pictures of what's been taking up some of our time lately.

I'm enjoying volunteering at the Breadroot Co-op on Friday mornings, and Mary has been so gracious in offering to let the boys come and play at her house while I do so! Thank goodness for such giving friends! We went to Reptile Gardens last Thursday with Mary and her boys, spent many hours there seeing all the exhibits and watching the snake and crocodile shows (twice!). An employee even stopped by as we were lounging around on the path that leads to the croc show, quite left in the dust by the boys who had booked it over there. He said he just wanted to tell us how cool it was that we were spending so much time there, and that it seems to him most people come in, rush, rush, rush to get through things and on to the next. Oh, not us! He also shared lots of great information on good first reptiles to have as pets: corn snake and bearded dragon. We also had a great conversation about how he came to work there. I was wondering if there were all kinds of brainiac herpetologists and botanists working there. He said that he didn't go to college to earn a degree (he works with reptiles) in working with reptiles, rather, he just started working with reptiles and learned everything he knows by working with reptiles. Ahhh, what a concept!

So, after our long day at the Gardens, we grabbed a quick bite at Burger King and then Haakon invited us to come watch him play soccer. So, we did! After the official game, Haakon's dad, Al, had 6 boys out there running around playing an 'unofficial' game of soccer. It was so fun to watch all the boys just giggling and having so much fun. Well, after that, Saylor wanted to spend the night with Haakon & Henry. Ok, sure! Well, now Stone wants to spend the night, too! (I know at this point that this means a late night trip to retrieve Stone as he still needs his mama at night.) So, Mary jokingly says, "Well, come on Karen and Sage, we do have an extra king-size bed". So, yep, we did! We all had a slumber party with the Anderson's. Did some night jumping on the tramp, played some go-fish, ate some popcorn. Good times...

Now, it's Friday. I'm putting in my 5 hour volunteer shift at the co-op and my mom calls and tells me about two cockatiels that are listed in the paper. (side note: we've spent several hours over the last couple weeks visiting many-a-pet-store looking at birds, parrots in particular, holding lots of different kinds of birds and asking a zillion questions about all of them. So, the kids have been on a bird crazed quest to actually acquire one, or two?! :) Long story short, we met the birds, they fell in love with the boys and the feeling was mutual and we brought them home to live with us. YumYum and Quill are sweet and cuddly and tolerate lots of holding time! Just what we were looking for!

Saturday we went to the Hemp Hoe Down and ended up camping there. I almost slept! No, really, it was one of those nights in a tent where you wake up just as you think you might be dosing off, finally! Uggh. Needless to say, I was exhausted on Mother's Day, which didn't make it any easier to be alone (I mean, without John) on my special day. He's always great at doing something, even if it's cooking me a nice meal, that's my favorite and he knows it! I did make a strawberry shortcake for my mom (and me!) and got to see her a for a bit on Sunday. Sage and I took a nap in the afternoon and we all ate dinner outside, which consisted of pizza and guacamole.

Monday found us back at Reptile Gardens. The day was cool and somewhat drizzly, but that didn't stop us from seeing everything we'd intended on seeing. Sage had been talking about the Komodo Dragon since our last visit, so we saw him right away! It was urgent in his little world! So cute! And he can say it too! Big words for such a little guy! Monday night Dale (John's Dad) spent the night with us, so I made a big pot of hearty chili and some cornbread, and the boys visited with Grandpa and snuggled up while they all watched part of a movie together.

Ok, so if you are still reading this absurdly long marathon post, thanks! Your sweet! I have so much more to say, so many thoughts and feeling to share, but REALLY, this has gotten too long already! Hopefully, I'll do this again soon!

Enjoy the pictures and Embrace the Joy! :)
(***And check out the Flikr badge, just uploaded 102 new photos! ***)


Snavleys said...

Of course I read the entire post!! I love reading about what you guys are up to. I know it isn't easy being apart from John but it sounds like you guys are moving right along and having a blast in the process. Cool birds! I had a cockatiel at one point in my life. I know you can teach them to talk but it takes a wee bit of patience :)

Sue and Steve said...

I love reading about your life too! I thought about you on mother's day and meant to call. I was hoping you'd find a way to get some time for yourself. Mother's Day is hard enough when the world tells you you're supposed to pamper yourself but you've still got your own Mom to do right by, even harder when your man's not around!
I love the cockatiels. Maddie and Harry are going to go nuts when they see those photos. They've both been lobbying heavily for all sorts of pets (Harry wants a budgie and a hermit crab and wants them now. Maddie wants one of everything but is able to wait fairly patiently until we move.) Your sleepover sounds so fun! Hooray for you for filling your life with joy even when you're missing John...

kelli said...

Sounds like you've had some wonderful days :)

On the reptile front, just wanted to let you know that we've had a corn snake for about 5 years now and its been a great experience. We've had her from the time that she was around 4 inches long and now she's probably close to 3 feet. Very cool!

Your birds look amazing!