May 20, 2007

Head East

We went to Clara's (John's Great Aunt) 80th birthday party today. It was nice to see so many of John's relatives, and everyone asked where he was of course! I felt so proud to be there with our three sons, and proud to be his wife, representing him when he couldn't be there. Everyone loves John! He's got that sort of effect on people, and I was reminded today of how lucky I am to call him my husband!

The boys spent the 3 hours of the party playing outside together. Wyatt (12) and Chase (4) were here from Murdo. They are the sons of John's Aunt Krysti, and are the boys' cousins. They enjoyed each other so much, and Saylor requested that Wyatt spend the night with us. The way it turned out, after some discussion, was that it might work better for Wyatt if Saylor went to his house for a few days. So, my oldest son is hanging out with his cousins, aunt and Grandpa in Murdo for a while this week. They've got some brandings they will be attending, so Saylor thought it was going to be pretty cool to be out there 'working' on the ranch with all the other big guys! I think Saylor really needed this time for *himself* right now, to be THE kid for a while, instead of 1 of 3. So, he packed his suitcase and headed East around 5:30 today.

That left Stone, Sage and I to decide what we'd like to do with the remainder of our day. Stone decided on a McDonald's visit, to collect one of the new Shrek 3 toys and play at the play land for a while. After that, we came home, where he immediately removed his shoes and put his roller blades on. (We ran to Target before the reunion because Stone asked if he could have some roller blades after playing around in the house with Saylor's this a.m.) He practiced for a bit, then took them off to play with the neighbor kids. I was invited to sit around the fire pit with said neighbor kids parents, so we played next door until about 8:30. I was getting chilly and Sage was getting tired (no nap again today), so we came home. Stone came home, too, but then Robert arrived at our door, asking if Stone could come play soccer in his backyard, and that Dean (dad) was out there and could watch them. Ok! Sage took a bath, fell asleep and Stone made his way back in to the house around 9:30.

He asked for some popcorn and wanted to watch a movie. We decided to watch one upstairs, in bed (helps mama, so I don't have to carry big boys up the stairs!) While the popcorn was popping, he said he wanted to do some Yoga. So, I popped in the Yoga Kids DVD and we did A-J (each letter of the alphabet has a pose, "alligator, butterfly, caterpillar" etc.) Oh, my! I think if I did this DVD everyday, I'd be in fabulous shape! As I said, we stopped at J (jabberwocky jellyfish!) and headed upstairs with our arms loaded with goodies to snack on. Stone picked out
The Cat in the Hat (Mike Myers one) and he's almost getting eyelids too heavy to keep open! I can't believe he's still awake!

Our day was a lovely one! The weather was cool and overcast, with gentle breezes. It's supposed to be 88 here tomorrow, so I'm hoping to mow and hang out in the yard all day! Beginning with my daily breve on the front porch, listening to the wind making music with our chime! Good times...

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Amy said...

You got busy blogging while I was away, Karen! Hooray! It's always such a joy to read about your rich, full, happy life!