May 26, 2007

At the Farm

This is Wyatt, who just yesterday was a tiny little baby, and today, he's out rustlin' up a horse for my babies to ride. He's such a kind, compassionate soul, and just a really, really nice boy! We sure do love him a whole bunch!

We finally convinced Sage to give it a try, so he climbed into the saddle with his big brother while I led Roxy.

Sage giving Saylor some brother-love. He was happy to see him again, and asked where he was every morning upon waking. He does that every day, even when both boys are right there in bed sleeping beside him. "Where's Saylor? Where's Stoney?" Then I answer that they are right here, sleeping, "Oh." Cutie, cutes! And then he's slippin' off the bed and headin' downstairs, and saying "come down-tairs, mom".

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Heather said...

i love it!! Thanks for sharing your days with us! :)