January 13, 2007

Breakfast In Bed

Only this time, it was John who did the cooking for all of us. He got home from work at 5:30 am this morning, took his shower, threw some ham and bean soup fixins in the crock pot for dinner and then put on his chef hat. He presented us with a feast of bacon, sausage, pancakes, eggs and hash browns. Sage wasn't too sure about waking up at first, but then decided he'd come out and nurse on my lap while I ate. When he noticed the pancakes topped with whipped cream, he perked up and wanted 'dat'.

Now, John is resting and we're going to do a Target run for some household needs and just to get out of the bus so it's quiet for him. Also running by the bank and dropping off a DVD at Blockbuster, probably stopping to play at the park somewhere along the way.

Hoping that Sage will nap earlier in the afternoon today, since he's been on this schedule of wanting to nap around 5:00 and then staying up until midnight, then sleeping in, then...the cycle continues. He finally fell asleep at 12:30 last night, while I was dozing listening to Larry King. Maybe today's early wake will encourage early nap and earlier to bed? We'll see!

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the goddess as diana said...

see, John has to come to a conference (or two) to participate in SSUDS, and share his loving husband & family man ideals/wisdom with the rest of 'em! (and we'll be talking about specific training for my new spouse when that becomes necessary ;))