January 26, 2007

Minor Renovation

John was feeling inspired today, so did a bit of re-arrangement renovation in the bus. He turned the table so it's more horizontal against the wall, which made the walk way through the kitchen much more user friendly, and took away the dreaded corner that Sage knew well. It really opened up the kitchen area and I'm diggin' that! So is he, as he honestly does just as much cooking as I do! (I know, lucky woman!)

He also took down the tv that was over the table, actually it was over the bench seat. The same spot that Sage always stood to eat, color, work with playdough; so bumped his head many a time on. Now it's gone, and we've re-directed the tv viewing area towards the front of the bus instead! Which is also great, because then when cooking and cleaning is happening in the kitchen, we are no longer in and out of the way of the tv. Happy campers abound! Especially John, because this all included a trip to Best Buy for a new flatscreen.

I picked up Saylor late this morning. I was on my way to get him just as he called me to tell me his tummy was hurting. (That's code for "i need my mama"!) When I got there, Steve was flipping pancakes for everyone, Saylor ate a couple, and we loaded up some wood to bring back here for the bonfire we'll have with them on Saturday. As Saylor seemed to come to life with my presence, Steve stated eloquently that Saylor just needed some Vitamin Mom! Love that! I mean, the phrase and the being needed part.

Off to see what's happening next in The Secret Life of Bee's. Goodnight...


River's Mommy said...

I totally agree Karen you are a terrific writer. I check your blog daily to read the next page in the story of "The Wild Tribe" even though I only live a few sites down and visit you daily ... lol!

the goddess as diana said...

Yay! I got to see fresh pictures of you guys on Heather's page :) Thanks Heather! Big hugs to all xoxoxoxoxo
P.S. Trish is gonna use Niki for her doula AND they're taking Bradley!! wooo hooo!

Snavleys said...

You have been tagged for a weirdness blog. See my blog for details.

Heather said...

I'm tagging you as well, Karen. LOL.