January 25, 2007

Looooooooove that Rapid City Weather!!!

Just because it's what I do, I have to brag about how beautiful it's going to be in Rapid City today! On my google desktop, Rapid's high is going to be 5 degrees cooler than here, in Southern California! 62 in Rapid, 67 in Lake Elsinore.

It was warm here yesterday, so maybe the high will reach higher? I believe my thermometer said 78 at one point yesterday. I was warm enough to have to change out of my jeans and t-shirt into a skirt and a tank top. The boys all had shorts and tees on.

Now, all we need is a little moisture, here and at home. Well, at home, we need more than 'a little'. It's so dry there, and without much snow this winter, it's just getting progressively worse every year.

And on that note, I'll ask...Have ya seen "An Inconvenient Truth"?


Robin said...

You've been tagged! See Robin's Blue Skies Farm blog for details: http://blue-skies-urban-farm.blogspot.com/

Mel said...

So, why did it only get to 27 here in Soo Foo?

I'm always up for weather talk. :)