January 5, 2007

What's Happening

It was an extremely windy day here today, so we stayed inside for most of it. The boys did venture out a couple times, but with the wind, it was really quite chilly. We watched Talladega Nights last night, and for tonight we have Little Miss Sunshine. I've seen it, but no one else has. It's such a great movie.

My brother and his gal are coming tomorrow from Irvine to spend the day. Hoping the weather is cooperative enough for a hike in the mountains. And speaking of visits from family members, my Mom is going to fly out here to see us the end of February. She's missing the boys so much. It'll be great fun to have her here for a week. The boys are happy she's coming. And, no definite plans yet, but my Dad made the mention of coming out while we're here, too. Looking forward to it all!

There's another bus conversion parked here. He's a welder, she hangs out, no kids. They want to sell their conversion. I saw the inside of it today. It's decent, but would need some re-doing. It's not quite set up for a family to live in. It works for 2, but missing some elements like a stove and a shower. She came over for a cup of coffee and is kind of this quirky, funny type of person. We're chatting about something, then, in the middle of the conversation, she says "I think you're really nice". She's 25 and has an innocent naivety about her. But I also get the feeling she's had a hard go of it. Certain our paths have crossed for a reason...

The boys are watching the Princess Bride right now. Saylor spent a good part of the morning out surviving the wild of the campground. He had his 'spears' all loaded up in a camp chair bag, slung across his back. He was out finding pecans and eating them, y'know, surviving in the wild on what you can find. We've been watching Man vs. Wild every night before we go to bed and learning so much. Like what plant to use to poison little fish so they float to the top, and that you can eat them because the root is only toxic to fish, not humans.

Saylor is very much into guns, knives, whips, spears...things like that. His birthday is coming up and all he wants is a machete and a flint and Guitar Hero. My guy... I'm so in love!

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Zamozo said...

Look out or you might find Saylor weeing on a bandana and wrapping it around his head to "keep cool." That Man vs. Wild is a bit over the top sometimes! lol!