January 20, 2007


Just a little update on what this crazy tribe has been up to! Sage got a haircut a couple days ago, he looks so cute! I tried to do a mohawk, but had it all messed up, so how it's just a regular ol' buzz cut. Still, I just love to cradle his head in my palm, and rub his head. Precious!

Sage loves to draw. The minute he sees someone, anyone, with pen in hand, he's very excited to join in and dictate to us what he wants drawn: turtle, froggie, alligator, fishy (pronounced 'dippy'), and so many other things. He also loves the playdough. We'll sit and press out shapes, then he'll stick the shapes onto the wall beside him. He's taking a bath in the kitchen sink, as I write this close by.

Stone and John spent some time this morning playing Star Wars Lego on the PS2, while Saylor experimented with baking soda, vinegar, strawberries, and matches. Then Sage came along and thought it'd be really cool to add in some of his blue playdough.

Now, the 3 big boys are off on a bike ride, and I'm going to get ready to run to Target for more playdough and some other needed stuff. It's quite liberating to shop right now. The temptation to *BUY* lots of stuff disappears when you know you don't have anywhere to put it anyway.

A couple other guys that John works with have moved into the park, and I think we'll be having a fire with them tonight. Well, Sage beckons.

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Heather said...

I often read things on your blog I want to comment about. I enjoy it so much! Time is tight being like a single mom (and pg and tired) at the moment. Camden and Sage are into the same stuff. We love silly puddy and Legos too! They got an 8 pack of playdough for Christmas. Loved it. But I forgot how hard two can be sometimes for child and mom. I think it would be easier on the road. Not sure. Camden goes wild if Holden has something he can't have. It is tough on all of us. I'd prefer if they played outside with sticks and nature. Toys just complicate cleaning and sharing issues. Arrgg.

Enjoy your travels! I need to add you to my favorite links, if I haven't already. If you add our Bus 4 a Bus that is fine. If not don't worry.

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