January 24, 2007

Our Social Life

It was fun having some of John's co-workers over on Saturday night for a big fire. John had a wee bit too much fun and sorely regretted it the next day, getting no sympathy from me, of course! But, I did fetch his water, and crackers, and a 7-up and grapes, with all the compassion I could muster. I didn't do too bad.

Anyway, back to John's co-workers! One of them brought his wife and 1 year old baby boy! Woo hoo, another family! Scott, Heather and River are from Michigan. They are the nicest family and have lovingly accepted our boys into their little nest many a time in the last few days! Scott gave each of them a necklace, and each choice he made fit perfectly. Saylor got one with a shark tooth, Stone's included a yin/yang symbol, and Sage's has a beautiful mix of wooden beads. They also gave me a lovely little purple Goddess.

Heather invited us over for dinner tonight, mosticelli (how *do* you spell that?). We brought a big salad and some bread. Saylor stayed after we left. I think he enjoys having some adult conversation without two noisy little brothers to compete with!

We strolled around the park a bit today, looking at the trees and all the little holes created by the ground squirrels. There is a dirt hill that Sage loves to visit, so we went there. He raced Heather and I down it many times, and managed to stay on his feet even though it seems the top of his body is far ahead.

Stone spent a good amount of time digging in the dirt today, the little mounds that are left behind by some burrowing little creature. I watched him through the window, out there in the sun and totally absorbed in his chosen activity. And chatting away to himself. I couldn't hear what he was saying, but when he plays, he's always got a narrative to go with it. He always has been our little story teller. We have some tape recorded stories of his from when he was barely 3 years old. He's got quite the imagination!

Those boys (even the naughty one who parties too hard!) are the love of my life!


Suzanne, Ava's mom said...

Sounds like a fun, well not the fetching grapes, 7-up and crackers but the dinner and the park. :)
You have a great writing style. I can always feel the mood you are in when I read one of your posts.

the goddess as diana said...

You’ve been tagged. I like knowing what makes my friends weird. Check out my blog for details. http://hahamommy.blogspot.com/