January 10, 2007

The Weather

Just wanted to throw out there, since I love bragging about our Beautiful Rapid City Weather, that it was a mere 2 degrees warmer here today, in CALIFORNIA, than it was in Rapid! 56 here, 54 at home!
Ok, now onto other things. We went to the park day, met loads of wonderful kids and all of their friendly parents. I enjoyed chatting it up with everyone, and the boys had a blast running around playing with lots of kids.
Sage is sleeping now, probably to wake up about the time I need to sleep, wondering why I'm not up for some playtime! I'm going to pop up some popcorn and then Stone and I are going to watch The Incredibles. Saylor's back and forth between the tv's, checking out what's on and trying to decide where to land. Currently, he seems to be digging for a snack. I guess the carrots and celery and dip was just a primer! He's my muncher, kinda like his mama!
Stone doesn't seem much interested in eating, unless it's an egg sandwich or peanut butter cereal. He's like his dad, he only eats when he's *hungry*! What's up with that?


The Arnolds said...

I like to brag about our beautiful NM weather but haven't been able to much lately with our big snow storms 2 weeks in a row! I just tell myself that one of these days SD will get dumped on and fall into freezing temps, then I can brag again! :)

Mel said...

Re: The last comment -- get ready to brag a little, because SoDak is slated to have an arctic blast starting tonight. Still no snow, though!