January 24, 2007

Dollar Store Treasures

I needed to do some shopping Saturday, so Saylor came along with me. Stone was busy playing checkers with a friend outside and Sage was sleeping, so it was our little version of 'a date'. We checked everything off our list, so Saylor wanted to go see how much electric hair clippers were. We found one for $10 at Target. Then we decided we'd check out a dollar store on our way home. Hurray! Found one there for 1.99; so he and Stone each got one. Saylor really only wanted one to cut off the frayed edges around the hole in the knee of his jeans. Wish granted! We also picked up a big roll of white tape, a rubber mallet for Sage, a big bag of straws, and a battery tester thingy. He's been testing all the batteries around here since, although he's now upgraded to using his Dad's, because "it's better". Saylor picked up a soldering tool the last time we were at this particular store, too. Electric, plug it in and watch the metal drip. We're careful not to get the solder that includes lead.

Stone always opts for a toy, usually something plastic and almost always a sword of some sort. Then, he gets home and loves watching Saylor play with his newest gadget, and then gets upset because I didn't get one for him. But, the next time we go, I remind him of all of that, and here we go again!

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