January 15, 2007

The Shared Birth Day Party

We just arrived home from the party for Saylor and Maddy. They live very near us, just a town away, and in Southern California terms, that really is very close! They have a little creek that trickles through their backyard, so the boys were delighted to go out there the minute we arrived. The whole group of us went on a lovely hike through the nature trail that runs along the back of the homes there, and then the adventurous ones (and the ones with suitable shoes!) hiked up a big ol' mountain and enjoyed the view. Sue had all sorts of Trader Joe's yummies to share with us all. Saylor and I made cupcakes. The kids were off and running the whole time, playing peacefully (peacefully, not quietly:) and loving all the TOYS!!! It was a grand time!

Now, John and the boys are over saying hello to a fellow co-worker who just moved into the campground this evening. And I took advantage of this quiet moment to whip out the dishes and then blog about our day.

There were other families there, too, so we got to meet and chat with them, learning more about each other. On the way home, I was thinking about how cool it is to be in a room full of people who *love* their life. Everyone happily sharing their joys, and eagerly listening to your own. I love that.... I'm sure we'll have the opportunity to get together again with the other mama's and kids there. They were great fun to talk to, and can only imagine more great times!

Thank you Sue and Steve and Maddy and Harry! Thank you for welcoming us into your very love-filled home and for sharing a part of this day with us.

(on a side note, John and I watched about 1/2 of The Secret today. I mentioned that to Sue, and wouldn't ya know it! They JUST watched it last night. And...isn't it something how we needed to find friends here and the universe obliged? Not only obliged, but handed us this wonderful gift?)

Thank you a thousand times! We are blessed.


the goddess as diana said...

powerful secret, it is!! :)

BaRefootinadVentUrerS said...

Grace and I so enjoyed meeting you at the Bday party! I have spent the last 3 days researching RVs, recovering- that WAS a mountain!, and raving about what I am finding. Thank you for the links and I hope we'll see you soon!

BaRefootinadVentUrerS said...

Actually very soon- I don't have an actual e-mail for you so I'm posting this here. We are having a moms night in on Monday, I'd love for you to join us. Call me or e-mail me and I'll tell you more!

Anonymous said...

I had a great time meeting your happy family. I also have a great time browsing all your blogger buddies sites. I need to immerse myself in unschooling because I'm half way in and half way out when it comes to living life the way I want to rather than I think I should. Old habits die hard. We hope to see you guys again soon, I'd like to get a bus tour sometime because it sounds so cool. ---Suzanne, Ava's mom